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Own work - Overview


A site-specific, cross-cultural piece which tries to take a ground zero perspective and root the whole creative process from the selected location. Dancers, actors, musicians and scenographers have a set time period of maximum 48 hours to make creative decisions that serve the larger picture and creates the universe and frame for the performance. Once this is done the goal is to continue the exploration of the space but as an improvised performance. 

The purpose of MARK is mainly to work as a tool ore frame to create a platform for different typ of artists. Enable them too co exist, create and explore in the same universe while at the same time performing. It’s a practice in listening to the space, the other performers and the general direction of the process. Making clear, precise and beneficial decisions to the overall composition and picture. In the purpose of blurring out the line between practice and performance. In the hope of creating a branch of performance art which can be centered around creating work of substance and clarity in the present moment.   


Another purpose with MARK is to highlight different types of spaces and their hidden potential for inspiration and creative content. There are so many details of your everyday surroundings that are filtered out by the lack of our awareness. The hope is to bring focus back to the finer details of our surroundings. By zooming in and exploring them and making them the central engine of the creative process. 

MARK also addresses many alternative routs for performance and stage art in general. 

How a performance is built, how it is performed and how it is taken in by the spectators. 

Which serves the never ending quest in exploring and expanding the possibilities of the arts.


A site-specific performance inside a portable two x two meter plexiglass cube.

The performance is improvised and has a very long timeframe of minimum six hours.

The general ide is to isolate a space within a space and see how that space changes and transforms over time as a cause effect of the performer inside.To assist this the performer may bring with different types of props ore materials into the space.The plexi-cube serves a good purpose in clearly creating this space within a space by framing it in a definitive but at the same time very subtle way. 


The purpose of Kubensus is too bring ones attention to space, to question it, our role in it, our effect on it and our ability to change and create it. 


A site-specific dance and music performance. The goal was to try and create a flexible performance that could be moulded into many forums and situations, such as festivals, partys and concerts. 

The general ide was to connect to the audience and convey a strong sense of joy and playfulness to performing and to your artform. In a way a performance to celebrate your love for performing, infecting the audience with that same love and hoping to spark a flame within their hearts. Inspiring them to find a way to do the same. 


Is a solo performance that roots itself in questioning the concept of identity.

The feeling of needing to pursue it, the desperate clinging to it and defending it at all times. 

But were does it come from and what is it made of? 

What determines what we choose to identify with and not and more importantly how source critical are we of these decisions?


I then start to look at the physical qualities of identity in for example body language.

Does it change depending on what you identify yourself with?

I also use imaginary concept of translating how different thoughts could behave physically ore how the space of which all thoughts comes from looks like and feels. 

To explore the possibility of creating a performance which Is identity free or neutral.

And if it's possible to create something which stands separate and outside of me as a person.


This is an improvised performance i make in collaborations with other artists or art galleries.

The performance is either an interpretation of the art in the gallery ore a statement in relation to it.

 The purpose is simply to ad, nuance, dimension, manipulate and, ore underline the existing art with a somatic live performance.    


A video work created to give a glimpse into the mechanics behind a movement. Where is the exact starting point, how does it reach its end and when does the next one begin? We try to capture this journey in a setting of nature and mysticism and combine different types of visual elements and infuse it with an audio landscape with roots taken from nature. Music by Ann-Lousie Liljedahl.  


Movement performance and dance using nothing but the present moment and what is available within it to create nuance and shape form with great presence and openness.  

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